ICL Growing Solutions Strengthens Partnership with PalmCi in Ivory Coast

Supplying Agromaster CRF to Boost Oil Palm Yield and Sustainability

July 9, 2024
2 mins
Oded Kunik
Africa & MEA Business Lead

Ivory Coast,  ICL Growing Solutions is excited to announce the continued success of its partnership with PalmCi, a leading oil palm plantation company in Ivory Coast. In a bid to enhance crop yield and sustainability, ICL is gearing up to supply a substantial production of its Agromaster Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF) for the upcoming season.

Oded Kunik, ICL’s Africa & MEA Business Lead and a specialist in oil palm crop nutrition, recently visited the PalmCi team in the “Toumanguie” area. During the visit, Kunik and the PalmCi team conducted an in-depth walkthrough of the plantations, assessing tree health, harvesting processes, and cultivation techniques.

we are   committed to strengthening its collaboration with PalmCi and providing tailored agricultural solutions across Africa. This partnership highlights ICL’s dedication to promoting sustainable agriculture and supporting local farming communities.

Here’s to a fruitful season ahead!