ICL Potash Receives Organic Certification in EU

ICL’s high-quality potassium fertilizer receives organic certification from three EU organic certification organizations

July 8, 2024
2 mins
Shay Peretz
Commodity Fertilizers Product Manager

In a significant development for the organic agriculture sector, ICL has achieved organic certification for its potash fertilizer (MOP) from several prestigious certification bodies in compliance with EU organic legislation. This milestone underscores ICL’s commitment to supporting sustainable farming practices and meeting the highest standards of organic agriculture.

Naturally Higher Yields

Organic farming, a method that relies on natural substances and processes to produce food, continues to gain momentum across Europe. This method avoids synthetic chemicals with an emphasis on soil health, biodiversity, and ecological balance. The approval of ICL’s potash fertilizer provides organic farmers with a reliable source of high-quality potassium, essential for crop growth and quality.

Recognizing Potash’s Credentials

Three major certifying organizations have recognized ICL’s potash products:

  • FiBL – The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture.
  • INTERECO (Spain)

This certification ensures that ICL’s potash fertilizers comply with stringent EU organic farming regulations and that they are approved as an input for organic farming under European regulation EU 2018/848. Farmers using ICL’s Potash fertilizers can be confident that they are maintaining the integrity of their organic certification while providing their crops with essential potassium, which is vital for plant health, yield, and quality.

The approval from these respected certification bodies highlights ICL’s dedication to environmental sustainability and the organic farming community. This achievement not only broadens ICL’s options for organic growers but also supports the ongoing growth and success of organic agriculture in the EU, and elsewhere in the World.