ICL Growing Solutions engaging in ESG Week

Thousands of ICL employees take part in ICL's ESG week

December 22, 2022
2 mins

Every year, ICL employees from around the world gather to celebrate the environment and get involved in projects which have a positive impact on our surroundings and the people around us. This is ICL’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) week.

Through a weeklong series of events, including lectures and presentations for the ICL teams and activities in our local communities and environment, ICL staff can, and do, have a positive impact.

Thousands of employees from the ICL Growing Solutions division and the entire ICL global company participated in this year’s “ESG Week” with social impact activities, volunteering, and exciting events related to the environment, social responsibility, and governance around the world.

One example of such a project is the tree planting project which took place at our Polysulphate mine in Boulby, UK undertaken by a team of volunteers from the mine and from our UK port at Teesport.