New Indian ICL Growing Solutions website

Our new ICL Growing Solutions website for India is now live

February 22, 2023
2 mins

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new ICL Growing Solutions website for India, designed to make it easier than ever to find the information you are looking for.


The Indian agriculture page is the starting point to explore our innovative, sustainable solutions developed for the agriculture sector in India. From here, it is easy to delve deeper into our products, news, upcoming events, latest trials and more.

Crop guides

Our library of Indian crop advice guides provides valuable information on some of India’s key crops. For each crop featured in this growing resource, there is guidance on the crop’s nutrient requirements and advice on identifying key nutrient deficiency symptoms. Equipped with this information, growers can make the right decisions to ensure crops reach their full potential.

Our brands

Start here for information on our innovative agricultural products developed for growers in India. Each of the brands brings something unique. Whether you are looking for open-field fertilisers, foliar fertilisers, water-soluble fertilisers, or organic multi-nutrient fertilisers, we have a product for all crops and growing conditions. Explore our brands to discover more.

Our trials

Trial results can form an important part of a grower’s decision-making process. When deciding which crop nutrition products to choose and use, the trials section of the ICL Growing Solutions site provides valuable insight. The results of over 45 professional crop trials reveal the remarkable improvements in crop yield and quality that can be achieved with an improved fertiliser strategy. Explore our trials for more details.

The new site also includes an enhanced knowledge centre full of guides, articles, testimonials, news, and upcoming events, all designed to help you quickly find the latest advice, technology updates and much, much more.

Visit the new ICL Growing Solutions website for India to see for yourself.

ICL Launches new ICL Growing Solutions website for India

ICL Launches new ICL Growing Solutions website for India.