ICL ITM programme helps kick-start Millwall FC’s new pitch

An ICL integrated turf management programme helped Millwall Football Club’s new stadium pitch get off to the best possible start.

November 21, 2022
2 mins

Steve Chalk has been at Millwall FC for nearly 12 years and in that time he has worked his way up to the position of Grounds Manager. Steve oversees all three of Millwall’s sites, and works alongside Stadium Head Groundsman Charlie Burrage, Steve explained the importance of having a new pitch installed.

“With most pitches now being hybrid, we felt we were falling behind,” he said. “We would be OK until late October / November time but then the majority of grass coverage would be gone during the winter period.”

Two years ago, a new hybrid pitch was installed and Steve saw this as an opportunity to explore and implement new products.

“We thought the time had come to bring everything under one umbrella and just use products from one supplier,” said Steve. “For us it was about making things as simple as possible and using one company seemed the best way forward. We decided that this company would be ICL and therefore we worked with Craig Lalley (ICL Technical Area Sales Manager) to devise a bespoke integrated turf management plan.”

Many turf managers have benefitted from an ICL ITM programme and Steve is no exception.

“With the new stadium pitch, we wanted a ITM programme that ticked all the right boxes. It helps us with moisture management and rooting, base feeds, and conventional fertilisers.

“All the products are proven and tested, and quite simply the programme makes our lives easier,” continued Steve. “It is peace of mind, and we know that we will have no problems with the products. I’m not saying products from other manufacturers are bad, but we just know that the ICL products have a proven track record. We use them and we know what we get from them.

“For us, we wanted someone with the knowledge and experience to advise us on a suitable programme – we get this from ICL. When we speak to Craig we know he is going to give us the best advice for our situation.

“Furthermore, it is nice for the Millwall Football Club board to see the great results and see the pitch in an excellent condition. They put their faith in us and back us with investment, and in turn they have been rewarded.”