PeKacid Technology

2 mins

It combines the advantages and efficiency of phosphoric acid with the ease and safety of a solid crystalline fertilizer. The use of PeKacid (An “acid in the bag”product) replaces the conventional application of technical- and agriculturalgrade phosphoric acid, resulting in an easier, safer and more effective fertilization process. Due to its acidic nature, PeKacid has an anti-clogging action and enhances nutrients’ uptake. ICL Specialty Fertilizers uses PeKacid technology in many of their water-soluble fertigation formulations.

The benefits of PeKacid Technology:

  • Reduces pH of hard water when applied directly into the water.
  • Prevents clogging in the irrigation / fertigation systems, in turn allowing uniform water and fertilizer distribution across the field.
  • Cleans clogged drippers by dissolving precipitates formed during irrigation /fertigation.
  • The acidification effect decreases P-fixation in the rhizosphere and promotes (trace) elements uptake in alkaline soils (pH >7)
  • Simplifies handling thanks to the unique dry form of phosphoric acid.


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