The newest ICL innovation: Osmocote 5

With over 50 years of experience, ICL has now developed the fifth generation of innovative controlled-release fertilizers: Osmocote 5. The future of stronger and healthier plants is hidden in each of its small granules. With ingenious OTEA-system and brand new NutriMatch-Release technology growers get access to an advanced level of fertilizers, offering exceptional plant health and leaf color. Growers worldwide, who tested the impact of Osmocote 5 on their plants, are enthusiastic.

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Each small granule of Osmocote 5 contains the newest technologies for the benefit of healthier, stronger plants. Osmocote 5 features NutriMatch-Release technology for an NPK release pattern that matches the plant needs closer than ever before. It makes the uptake of the applied plant nutrition even more efficient and effective than ever before.

Osmocote 5 offers the ingenious OTEA-system, which optimizes the availability of essential trace elements in the growing medium and their uptake by plants. This guarantees the best possible plant color, health and growth.

Like every Osmocote innovation, Osmocote 5 underwent rigorous testing in various locations across the globe prior to its introduction. Gerard Klein Onstenk, Global Category Manager Ornamental Horticulture at ICL says: “We started testing three years ago, and then did multiple field trials in Europe and even Australia. These field trials were carried out in different ways, climatic conditions, using different crops, potting mixtures, longevities, application methods, and rates. Tests done at independent Europeans research stations validate our claims and the results seen in the trials at our own field-trial stations.”

Osmocote 5 benefits for the grower

  • Unparalleled efficiency and effective uptake of applied plant nutrition thanks to NutriMatch-Release technology.
  • OTEA-system for amazing leaf color, health and growth from start to purchase by consumer.
  • Best return on your fertilizer investment.
  • Highest safety for plants.
  • Highest consistency and total control: every bag of product is identical in performance.


Please consult with your local ICL advisor for availability in your region.