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As a worlds leading fertilizer manufacturer, ICL provides farmers, growers and manufacturers with a wide range of high-performing advanced fertilizers and agriculture solutions, including high-end specialty products for every need. Our products provide farmers with critical nutrients needed to increase yields and improve health and quality of crops
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contains our E-Max Release Technology, which is a polymer coating that brings about much more efficient nutrient use. Influenced by the soil temperature, the semi-permeable coating regulates the daily release of nutrients which results in predictable nutrient release longevities.
Nutrivant is a foliar range of fertilizer designed with advanced adjuvant technology known as ‘Fertivant’ providing triple action i.e., Sticker, Spreader and Penetration for improved, long lasting foliar nutrition. The range comprises fully soluble formulations that contain both macro-, meso- and micro-nutrients and a special designated trace mix for every crop’s need.
New 4-in-1 natural fertilizer for improved crop yields with a low carbon footprint, licensed for use in organic farming systems. Polysulphate has a unique dissolution pattern that releases nutrients. gradually after application. This prolonged availability reduces the chance of nutrient losses while also matching the uptake requirements of crops. Polysulphate is an environmentally friendly fertilizer with a low carbon footprint of 0.034 kg CO2 equivalent per kg, making it suitable for organic farming and approved by global agencies like Ecocert, Ceres, and OMRI.
NovAcid is a specialty range of fully water soluble, acidifying NPK fertilizers that guarantees a balanced nutrient supply delivering better yield and quality. Ideal for drip irrigation providing acidity to neutralize and dissolve bicarbonates, avoiding the problem of clogging drippers resulting in longer lifespan of the irrigation systems and improving nutrient uptake by the plants.
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Growth is at the heart of what we do, laying the foundations for a better tomorrow. Embracing the challenges of sustainable plant nutrition. At ICL Specialty Fertilizers quality assurance is one of our most important pillars. Our responsibility spans the entire lifecycle of our fertilizers. From raw materials mined in ICL's own phosphate and potash mines to the finished fertilizer product, we subject our fertilizers to thorough quality control.
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ICL's products for horticulture are the result of combining state-of-the-art technology and leading research and development with the goal of creating exceptional products for plant nutrition. A variety of our range of products are trusted by professional growers all over the world and our products are tested and continuously improved to achieve the best results for a wide range of plant species. ICL provides Farmers with a wide range of solutions, including controlled release fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers, micronutrient fertilizers, foliar fertilizers.