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Greenmaster Pro-Lite Zero Phosphate has high Nitrogen levels to allow for correct top growth and recovery during periods of heavy use. The high Potassium content hardens turf in stressful summer or winter conditions. The high Magnesium content encourages healthy plant growth, good colour and masks symptoms of stress. Zero Phosphate's levels of Nitrogen allow for proper top-growth and good recovery from heavy use. Phosphate-free formulation aids management of soil Phosphorus build-up.

Greenmaster Invigorator Plus is a turf hardener with iron and potassium to boost color, keeping your grass healthy during fall, winter, and spring.

SS-2 Drop Spreader is designed for use with conventional fertilizers, granular wetting agents and seed and features a precision setting gauge and stainless-steel frame and large tires for optimum durability and ease of use.

Greenmaster Liquid Effect Iron Fe is an ideal solution for the full growing season, with the power to green-up your turf in 3 hours and lasts for up to 6 weeks.

Greenmaster Liquid High K can be used during or before stressful growing conditions – the low nitrogen and phosphorus with high K promote healthy turf without stimulating unwanted growth.

Greenmaster Liquid High N has a high nitrogen content for a fast initial effect, plus a full trace-element package including magnesium for color, boosting your turf’s health and stress recovery.

Greenmaster Liquid NK is a balanced, zero-phosphorus NK fertilizer that is ideal between spring and autumn; it unlocks soil iron and the NK ratio regulates turf growth and strengthens the sward.

Greenmaster Liquid Spring & Summer is ideal for your main growing periods, with a complete NPK formula for feeding with no excess growth; and for better health and color, and replenishes nutrients lost in grass clippings.

The chelated trace elements contained in Greenmaster® Liquid STEP maximize nutrient delivery, while correcting any nutrient imbalances in your turf. It also prevents soil lockup. You can apply it all year round but the best time to use it is during active growth periods. The full trace element package also enhances your turf’s health and its ability to recover from stress. Go the next step in state-of-the-art nutrition for top-performing turf.

Greenmaster Cold Start’s iron yields strong turf reactions without excessive growth, plus potassium and phosphorus for a quick response – use it to kick-start turf in cooler conditions.

Greenmaster Pro-Lite Double K is your go-to product for hot summers and ordinary falls; it enhances resistance to disease and wear and helps overcome any potash deficiency.

Greenmaster Pro-Lite NK contains extra potassium to harden turf in stressful summer and/or fall periods.

Greenmaster Pro-Lite Spring & Summer is ideal for main growing periods, with high nitrogen for good top growth; phosphorus and potassium promote good sward while this product also replaces the nutrients lost in grass clippings.

H2Pro AquaSmart is an outfield wetting agent for a low-rate application and a cost-effective program; it dries slowly and then allows quick rewetting of the soil, maintaining a healthy plant and premium-quality surface.

H2Pro Tablet is a hose-end applied wetting agent for hand-watering to treat localized dry spots and reduce your overall irrigation needs.

H2Pro FlowSmart is a high-performing penetrant wetting agent that optimizes performance and reduces the water’s surface tension to promote quick water infiltration and penetration via receptive soil profiles.

H2Pro TriSmart uses three water-management surfactant technologies to provide outstanding water penetration and even spreading of irrigation across the rootzone to boost sandy rootzones’ water-holding capacity.

H2Pro DewSmart prevents or reduces dew formation on your turf, making it ideal as part of an integrated program to minimize the risk of disease and improve the surface of your grass.

HandyPro is an easy-to-use handheld model that is ideal for use on small or medium-sized lawns.

The dual-action formulation of Hydraflo 2 is in an easy-to-use granule form. It deliver immediate action as a topdress application and improved efficacy incorporated in soils and potting mixes over a longer period of time. Hydraflo effectively decreases water surface tension aiding the successful rewetting of soils in dry summer periods, increasing the uniformity of wetting throughout the soil profile. By allowing for better water penetration and absorption, Hydraflo helps grow deeper stronger roots.

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