Setting a New Standard with Agrolution

Give your crops the nutrients they deserve for optimal growth and productivity with Agrolution Special and Agrolution pHLow.

May 2, 2023
2 mins

Water is essential for life, and when it comes to agriculture, having the right irrigation system and fertilizer products makes a significant difference to crop health and growth. ICL’s Agrolution Special and Agrolution pHLow are two unique fertilizer solutions designed to optimize nutrient availability and promote optimal plant development.



Agrolution Special

Agrolution Special is an all-in-one fertilizer solution ideal for covered, soilless, and hydroponic farming systems that use soft water. It provides a complete range of essential nutrients for plant growth, and its high purity, solubility, and acidity prevent deposits and blockages in irrigation systems. Agrolution Special also includes chelated trace elements, which are highly available for plant uptake, ensuring all the nutrients needed for healthy growth are accessible to the crop.

Agrolution pHLow

Agrolution pHLow is ideal for hard water irrigation systems. It reduces the bicarbonates in the water and has an acidifying effect on both the water and soil pH, optimizing nutrient availability and uptake while keeping irrigation systems clean. Agrolution pHLow delivers all the essential nutrients that plants need, and it is an effective solution for crops that are sensitive to high pH or alkaline soils.

Reducing Nitrous Oxide Emissions

One of the significant benefits of using Agrolution Special or Agrolution pHLow in drip irrigation systems is that they can significantly reduce nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions compared to furrow and sprinkler irrigation systems. Additionally, these products are fully soluble, ensuring that all nutrients are available for plant uptake. All Agrolution products are suitable for chloride-sensitive crops.

The Agrolution product line includes formulations tailored for specific soil and water types, making it versatile and adaptable to various growing conditions. From seedlings to mature crops, Agrolution provides comprehensive nutrients throughout all stages of plant growth, promoting healthy root development, vigorous vegetative growth, and superior yields.

Use Agrolution Special or Agrolution pHLow in your fertilizer program to provide your crops with the essential nutrients they need for optimal growth and productivity. These innovative products set a new standard in fertigation, ensuring that your crops receive the right nutrients, in the right form, and at the right time, leading to healthier plants, higher yields, and more sustainable agriculture practices.

Effective and Efficient Plant Nutrition

Water is the source of life, and ICL’s Agrolution specialized fertilizer products are designed to sustain and enhance plant growth in the best possible way. Whether your irrigation water is soft or hard, Agrolution offers effective and efficient solutions to meet your crop’s nutrient needs. With Agrolution, you can achieve optimal crop health, maximize yields, and keep your irrigation lines and drippers clean. Give your crops the nutrients they deserve for optimal growth and productivity.