Introducing Polysulphate Premium

Polysulphate Premium contains the same multi nutrient mix as Polysulphate, but these essential plant nutrients are available faster for crop uptake.

January 5, 2022
2 mins

We are delighted to announce that our Polysulphate family has grown. In addition to our established products, Standard Polysulphate, Granular Polysulphate, and Mini-Granular Polysulphate, we would like to introduce Polysulphate Premium.



Special Qualities

Polysulphate Premium has inherited some very special qualities. Polysulphate Premium is derived from polyhalite, a naturally occurring mineral mined exclusively by ICL in the UK. Packed in every perfect little sphere of Polysulphate Premium is the wonderful multi-nutrient mix it has inherited from its parentage combined with a new high level of performance proving it to be a powerful new crop nutrition tool for ensuring crops have the essential nutrients needed.

  • 45.6% SO3 (18.2% S) balances crop’s need for S and improves efficacy of other nutrients (e.g. N and P)
  • 13% K2O (10.7% K) as potassium sulphate, vital for improved crop health
  • 5.6% MgO (3.4% Mg) as magnesium sulphate, essential for photosynthesis
  • 16.4% CaO (11.8% Ca) as calcium sulphate, crucial for cell division and strong cell walls


What makes Polysulphate Premium Stand Out

The major difference between Polysulphate Premium and the other members of the Polysulphate family, aside from its appearance, is its fast mode of action. The process of industrial granulation of powdered polyhalite into smooth, uniform and robust spheres, ensures top quality consistency. Polysulphate Premium flows exceptionally well, spreads further and more consistently. Immediately this premium fertilizer reaches the soil, the easy solubility means that the essential plant nutrients become available for crop uptake, and for a prolonged period of time.

  • Uniform, robust spheres of natural, multi-nutrient fertilizer
  • Smooth surface protects from abrasion, humidity or damage
  • Spherical shape gives consistent flow rate
  • Consistent broad spread during application
  • Immediate and prolonged delivery of 4 essential plant nutrients
  • Easily blended with other fertilizer materials
  • Attractive appearance in blends with other granulated fertilizer ingredients

Our latest product is evidence of our continuous drive to innovate and serve our customers and farmers worldwide with products that meet their needs.