New partnership for bio-stimulant development

ICL builds on its reputation for developing new technologies and products for the fertilizer sector

August 22, 2022
2 mins

ICL has announced a new multi-year, strategic collaboration agreement with Lavie Bio Ltd., a subsidiary of Evogene. A leading ag-biologicals company, Lavie Bio focuses on improving food quality, sustainability, and agricultural productivity through microbiome-based products. The collaboration will combine Lavie Bio’s ag-biologicals expertise and cutting-edge technology with ICL’s advanced knowledge of fertilizer use and the practical needs of farmers to focus on developing novel bio-stimulant products designed to enrich fertilizer efficiency.

Ag-biologicals for agriculture

Ag-biologicals are externally applied products derived from natural, biological sources, including microbials, macrobials, biochemicals, and minerals used to optimize overall plant and soil health. Ag-biological products include bio-stimulants for maximizing plant yield, quality, and durability, as well as bio-pesticides for pest management.

Elad Aharonson, President of ICL’s Growing Solutions division explained “ICL is committed to creating impactful solutions for humanity’s sustainability challenges in the global food, agriculture, and industrial markets, and this collaboration with Lavie Bio very much resonates with our sustainability goals and values. The collaboration demonstrates ICL’s commitment to bringing to market new, sustainable technologies for our customers.”