Osmocote is trusted and used by thousands of growers around the world.

The introduction of Osmocote® – the world’s first controlled release fertilizer – in 1967 revolutionized the fertilizer market. Over the past five decades, Osmocote has grown into one of the world’s leading plant nutrition solutions that is used by growers around the globe. ICL is proud that coated fertilizers are more relevant today than ever. We now offer five generations of Osmocote and have embraced cutting-edge technologies to develop new release patterns and features. All with the aim of meeting your evolving needs as a grower. Now and in the future. Whatever your specific needs, situation or crop, there is an Osmocote solution that is right for you.


  • Predictable and consistent in performance
  • Pure and best quality raw materials
  • Guaranteed high-quality crops
  • The best return on investment

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