World's leading water-soluble fertilizer range. There's a Peters for every growing phase and every situation.

Peter has high levels of purity and solubility. Only Peters uses the “M-77′ ingredient, an innovation that optimizes the availability and absorbability of all nutrient elements. This gives you maximum certainty that the nutrients end up where they are needed: in the plant. The result is a fast response following applications and a perfect crop! You can see effects instantly.

Choose the right Peters formulation for your water- Hard, Neutral or Soft.


  • Peters takes account of your water quality
  • Deliver complete plant nutrition using one tank to prepare the stock solution
  • Peters leads the way technically and is of the highest quality
  • Only Peters fertilizers contain M-77 ingredient, giving you maximum certainty that nutrients end up in the plant where they are needed
  • In addition to M-77, Peters Excel also helps to improve water quality by lowering bicarbonates present by adding calcium in hard water and magnesium in soft water
  • See immediate and long-term effects on your plant.