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Fertiflow 12-06-22+12CaO - A fine balance of NPK fertilizer with the added strength of Calcium to improve crop yield, make them resistant against weather fluctuations, diseases and pests.

Fertiflow 13-40-13 The optimal solution for a wide variety of crops, is a phosphorus-rich fertilizer, made from the best raw materials and is chloride-free.

Fertiflow 19-19-19 - A balanced mix of NPK for a wide variety of crops. Apply for a better establishment of the plants, rooting, vegetative growth and a general all-round development boost.

Fertiflow-7-50-7+2Zn - High Phosphorus and added Zinc fertilizer for fertigation applications. Improves crop yield and subsequently, the marketability of vegetables and fruits.

Fertiflow Banana I - With added Magnesium & Sulphur, it improves the yield parameters of Banana Plantations when applied in the early stage.

Fertiflow Banana II -10-14-34+4CaO has a good mix of Magnesium and Sulphur which improves the yield, bunch size & quality of Banana crops.

Fertiflow Bloom 8-24-24+4MgO+6S - A balanced P & K fertilizer that helps crops in their fruitation stage. It has added Magnesium and Sulpher for better results.

Fertiflow Grow 12-36-6+3MgO+4S - A Phosphorus fertigation Fertilizer that helps crops in their early stages. Has added MgO and Sulphur to boost crop yield.

Fertiflow Potassium+ 08-00-47+7S - A high Potassium with added Sulphur improves crop quality with lush green foliage during production. Adds nutritional value to the crops.

Fertiflow Tomato I 16-11-32 - A nourishing Fertilizer for Tomato Crops in their early stages helping roots and stem growth.

Fertiflow Tomato II 13-05-37+3CaO - A nourishing Fertilizer for Tomato Crops during their flowering stage to prevent drying out of flowers and increasing the yield.

ICL Hi Peak has the highest concentration (88%) of Phosphorus and Potassium available in the market and is ideal for drip irrigation.

Select MAP is a chloride and sodium-free whitish crystalline powder that increases the availability of soil phosphorus.

Nutrivant Booster 08-16-39 - A Potash based foliar fertilizer that has a balance of NPK to help improve crop yield, especially during flowering and fruitation stages.

Nutrivant Fruit 12-05-27+8CaO - A Foliar Fertilizer with a balance of NPK for increasing fruit yield and improving the crop resilience.

Nutrivant PeakVant 00-49-32 - A foliar fertilizer that has a balance of NPK for increasing the fruit yield, while also making the crop resistant against weather fluctuations.

Nutrivant Starter™ 11-36-24 - A balance of NPK to help crop plantations in their early stages of root and shoots formation.

PeaK MagPhos is a nitrogen-free, free-flowing, fully soluble white crystalline fertigation fertilizer with high concentrations of pure magnesium, potassium and phosphorus to increase chlorophyll levels and boost plants in early growing stages.

PeaK Mono Potassium Phosphate 00-52-34 is a high-purity, fully soluble and low-sodium solution for use on all crop types and fertigation systems or as a monopotassium phosphate foliar spray.

PeaK PeKacid is based on a unique technology developed by ICL which is perfect with hard water or calcareous soil. It's free from chloride and has high solubility at 670gm/l water.

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