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Fertilizers for your open-field fertigation needs

Water Soluble Fertilizers

Fertiflow is a brand of low-pH fertilizers designed for crops in alkaline to neutral soil types. Thanks to its low pH, Fertiflow increases the availability of nutrients to plant roots. Fertiflow products are certified free of heavy metals, making them ideal eco-friendly fertilizers for open fields.

Our Fertiflow water soluble fertilizers are highly soluble to ensure an even spread of nutrients through your plantations and across the irrigated area, thus increasing the overall crop yield and quality. Applied during the plants’ growth stage prevents nutrient deficiencies at the crucial early phases of plant growth.

The process of fertigation involves mixing liquid or water-soluble fertilizers into irrigation water. In this manner, fertilizers are evenly dispensed during irrigation, increasing nutrient availability and efficiency. Such fertilizer application enables precise nutrition in accordance with the soil fertility and the crop growth stage.



  • Fertiflow products have a low pH

  • High solubility increases availability of nutrients

  • Delivers the plants’ basic nutritional requirement

  • Increases crop yield and quality

  • Nutrients are applied during the growth stage, preventing deficiencies

  • Eco-friendly products that are free from heavy metals

Product range

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Fertiflow-7-50-7+2Zn - High Phosphorus and added Zinc fertilizer for fertigation applications. Improves crop yield and subsequently, the marketability of vegetables and fruits.


Fertiflow 13-40-13 The optimal solution for a wide variety of crops, is a phosphorus-rich fertilizer, made from the best raw materials and is chloride-free.


Fertiflow 19-19-19 - A balanced mix of NPK for a wide variety of crops. Apply for a better establishment of the plants, rooting, vegetative growth and a general all-round development boost.


Fertiflow 12-06-22+12CaO - A fine balance of NPK fertilizer with the added strength of Calcium to improve crop yield, make them resistant against weather fluctuations, diseases and pests.

Potassium+ 08-00-47+7S

Fertiflow Potassium+ 08-00-47+7S - A high Potassium with added Sulphur improves crop quality with lush green foliage during production. Adds nutritional value to the crops.


Fertiflow Bloom 8-24-24+4MgO+6S - A balanced P & K fertilizer that helps crops in their fruitation stage. It has added Magnesium and Sulpher for better results.


Fertiflow Grow 12-36-6+3MgO+4S - A Phosphorus fertigation Fertilizer that helps crops in their early stages. Has added MgO and Sulphur to boost crop yield.


Fertiflow Banana I - With added Magnesium & Sulphur, it improves the yield parameters of Banana Plantations when applied in the early stage.


Fertiflow Banana-II -10-14-34+4CaO has a good mix of Magnesium and Sulphur which improves the yield, bunch size & quality of Banana crops.


Fertiflow Tomato I 16-11-32 - A nourishing Fertilizer for Tomato Crops in their early stages helping roots and stem growth.


Fertiflow Tomato II 13-05-37+3CaO - A nourishing Fertilizer for Tomato Crops during their flowering stage to prevent drying out of flowers and increasing the yield.

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Fertiflow leverages technologies to deliver the best fertigation results

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Frequently asked questions we received from farmers.

Fertiflow is an innovative, new line of water-soluble NPK fertilizers available in different formulations. Fertiflow is developed for drip irrigation and is ideal for open field and greenhouse use.

Fertiflow 8:0:47+7S is a nitrogen, potassium, and sulphur-containing water-soluble product for use during the maturing stage. It has a 1:6 ratio of N to K and a 1:6.7 ratio of S to K.

During the plant maturation stage, you can use Fertiflow 8:0:47+7S to boost the fruit size, appearance, shelf life, and nutritional value.

Yes, it can be used as an alternative to SOP and NOP.

Fertiflow 5:45:5+8Zn delivers NPK along with Zn to ensure optimum initiation and development of roots and better shoot tip growth.

Fertiflow 5:45:5+8Zn is ideal during a crop’s initial growth, vegetative growth, and flowering stages to improve foliage, and ensure proper growth of roots and shoot tips.

Fertiflow 12:6:22+12CaO is an NPK fertilizer containing additional calcium that helps from crop establishment to harvest, preventing calcium deficiency and improving produce quality.

You can use Fertilfow 12:6:22+12CaO fertilizer during the vegetative growth, reproductive growth, and crop maturation stages to improve the quality of the final produce.

If you have more questions we are happy to help