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This privacy statement has been checked and certified by Privacy Verified B.V. in cooperation with Stichting Certificering. Below you will find a summary of the main points of the statement, as well as the full details.

Privacy – Full details

Who we are

We are Everris International B.V. Together with our affiliate Dead Sea Works Ltd., we form ICL Growing Solutions, part of the ICL Group, and are together responsible for this website and its content. When we process your data, our legal role is that of data controller.

For any questions about this privacy and cookie statement, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at

Our full details are:

ICL Growing Solutions | Dead Sea Works Ltd.,
Everris International B.V.
Nijverheidsweg 1-5
6422PD Heerlen
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce no.: 14027868


What data we collect

 Contact data:
data that can be used to contact you.
For example: name, phone number, and (email) address.

Click and behavior data: data that on how you use our services and website.
For example: pages visited, visit duration, clicks, cookies, and other analytical data.

 How and why we collect your data

PurposeData categoriesLegal basisHow long
we keep it
Running our website
When you access our site, we collect technical information and information about how you use our site using cookies.
- Click and behavior data- Your consent
- Our legitimate interest
Up until 12 months after receiving your personal data.
Improving our services
We use various data to consinuously improve our services and to give you the best experience possible.
Where possible, we use fully aggregated and anonymous data, but in certain cases we may have to use personal data.
- Click and behavior data
- Profiling data
- Our legitimate interest
- Performance of a contract
- Your consent
Up until 12 months after receiving your personal data.
When you sign up for our newsletter and to receive updates and offers.
- Contact data
- Profiling data
- Your consentFor as long as your are subscribed to our newsletter
Handling contact requests
When you contact us with a question via email, contact form, chat, etc., you give us information about yourself and your query.
- Contact data- Performance of a contract
- Your consent
Up until one year after the last contact

How do we keep your data secure?

We make every effort to keep your data safe. We take, for instance, the following measures:

– Encryption: we make sure the data is extra secured while we store or send it.
– Two-factor authentication: to ensure only persons entitled to do so can access the data.
– Strict authorizations: your data is processed only by the persons entitled to do so and for the purposes stated.
– Logging: we keep track of who has had access to the data, and when.


Your privacy rights

Do you want to exercise any of these rights? Please contact us at:

Right to access: you have the right to inspect the personal data that we process about you.

Right to rectification: you have the right to make us correct any incorrect or incomplete personal data we have about you.

Right to erasure: you have the right to make us delete any personal data we have about you.

Right to restriction of processing: in some cases, you have the right to ask us to restrict (temporarily or otherwise) the processing of your personal data. This means that we’ll process less data about you.

Right to object: you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

Right to withdraw consent: you can easily withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal dataat any time.

Right to data portability: you have the right to obtain a copy of your data so that you can port it to another service. If you ask us and it is technically possible, we will directly transfer the data to the other service for you.

Right to lodge a complaint about us with the supervising authority: if you are unhappy with how we process your data, please tell us first, so we have a chance to address your concerns. If we fail in this, under the privacy legislation, you have the right to contact the supervising authority to lodge a complain.

Third parties who also process your data

To achieve the purposes we described above, we share your personal data with other companies or institutions. We have signed a data processing agreement with these parties to ensure that they process your data according to the purposes, safeguards, and good practices detailed in this statement.

Where personal data is transferred to a third party outside of the EU we take steps to ensure we agree the required standard contractual clauses with them.

Service providerData categories
collected / shared
PurposePlace of
Privacy policy
- Contact data
- Click and behaviour data
- Profiling data
Running our website
Storage of (personal) data
Improving our (online) services
EU and USA
Marketing agencies/firms
Privacy policy
- Contact data
- Click and behavior data
- Profiling data
- Location data
Improving our (online) services
Sending our newsletter
EU and USA

Sometimes we may also share data if we are legally obliged to do so (for example, if the police demands data in the event of suspected crime).

Updates to this statement

We have the right to update this privacy and cookie statement.

The most updated version of the statement is always available on our website (and we will notify you in advance via email when important changes are coming).