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Greenmaster Invigorator Plus is a turf hardener with iron and potassium to boost color, keeping your grass healthy during fall, winter, and spring.

ProSelect® Heritage Browntop bent is an excellent performer across all Northern European locations, being particularly winter tolerant within Scandinavian and UK countries. It is ideal for the over-seeding of golf and bowling greens, or combined as part of a blend for fairways. Its main characteristics are excellent shoot density and visual merit aided by excellent resistance to microdochium. Heritage also maintains good color in the winter and a vibrant green in summer.

This is the perfect choice for all your greens. ProSelect Memorial turf is robust and low-maintenance, and simply great quality. Awarded top marks by NTEP, it’s a creeping bentgrass with outstanding resistance to disease, in particular dollar spot and microdochium patch. Shade- and drought-tolerant too.

ProSelect® Piranha is a brand-new creeping bent grass. From the same stable as Riptide, Piranha offers an ideal solution to help you overcome the challenge of extreme weather. Early spring green-up suits higher-altitude courses, while its high resistance to heat makes Piranha a truly pan-European variety capable of tolerating a wide range of turf stresses. Piranha has a darker green color and boasts as excellent Anthracnose, Dollar spot and Brown patch disease tolerance. The seed is treated with the Smartstart coating to support quick germination.

ProSelect® Riptide is a top-ranked variety in the UK and Nordics. It’s a fine-leaved, creeping bentgrass adapted to European climatic conditions. This densely shooting variety is a tremendous winter performer when it comes to color retention, frost, and disease tolerance, also holding its own against the stress of summer stress in hotter regions. Ideal for golf course greens, tees and fairways, Riptide establishes quickly, especially in spring and keeps its bright mid-green color right through autumn and winter. Riptide grows upright, but low to the ground with high tiller shoot density. Excellent resistance to brown patch (Rhizoctonia solani), foliar blight/basal rot (anthracnose), pink snow mold (fusarium) and take-all-patch (Gaeumannomyces graminis). In independent trials by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program, (NTEP), Riptide was given top rankings for both quality of appearance and disease resistance.

If you are looking for that premier warm-season turfgrass, then look no further than Cody fast-establishing buffalograss seeds. Fast becoming the buffalograss gold standard, you can rest easy with its low maintenance requirements, requiring low amounts of water, holding firm in both summer and winter, and wide area adaption. Simply take in its high density, darker color, and fine texture.

Looking for the perfect solution for your turf during the warmer months? Look no further than Bouteloua Dactyloides Sundancer. Widely adapted to various environments, these superior-performance buffalograss seeds will bring your turf a cut above the rest. It’s a tried and tested solution that has been thoroughly developed and successfully trialled by institutions and growers across the USA.

The name says it all: this blend of two varieties is your go-to for an attractive, extremely wear-tolerant turf. It performs excellently in so many ways: overall quality, density, texture, and colour. Professionals Choice has extremely deep roots, and aggressive rhizomes that spread well. It’s very tolerant of cold weather: it’s better at surviving the winter than other seeded Bermuda varieties. And at the same time, it likes full sun, heat and humid weather and it’s tolerant of drought – so you won’t need to water often. It has a lovely dark green hue that it’s quick to adopt in spring, while its blades are pleasingly fine and uniform. It’s a good option for anywhere where you’d choose a Bermuda grass, and copes well at various pH levels, from 5.5 to 8.0. It’s even tolerant to moderate amounts of salt.

ProSelect® Rio is a seeded Bermuda grass variety that’s top-rated in several key areas of turf performance in the NTEP trials system. In further trials conducted by the University of Pisa, Rio was consistently ranked as a top performer for sports turf use. Rio exhibits excellent cold and frost tolerance, as well as early spring green-up, making it a great choice for both warm season and transitional zones. The combination of fine leaf texture, dense growth in spring and summer, and dark-green colour promises great performance. And with strong tolerance to leafspot and dollar spot, less herbicide is needed than many other leading varieties.

Classic Drop Spreader has a 22-inch spread pattern, holds 10,000 square feet of fertilizer and is designed for spreading conventional fertilizers, granular wetting agents and seeds.

SS-2 Drop Spreader is designed for use with conventional fertilizers, granular wetting agents and seed and features a precision setting gauge and stainless-steel frame and large tires for optimum durability and ease of use.

In recent NTEP trials, this variety was a top-rated performer; it is perfect in any tall fescue areas. It’s quick to add a welcome dash of green in spring, and its turf is dense and tolerant to wear. Plus, it’s resistant to brown patch, and can tolerate drought. ProSelect® Avenger II was bred from a high performer and is all the better for it. This is the perfect choice for fine turf anywhere, and it’s versatile too.

ProSelect® GreenHeaven is a European bred Tall fescue which presents dense, fine textured and rich green turf quality. Selected from plants of the Po valley region of Italy, GreenHeaven possesses excellent heat, drought and disease tolerance. Greenheaven is truly an all-round variety that can produce excellent sod quality in combination with European type Poa pratensis, such as Traction from the ICL turfgrass portfolio. If summer and winter reliability is required from a tall fescue, then Greenheaven is the one.

The mighty ProSelect® Raptor III fought off stiff competition in recent NTEP trials: it was rated top for mean turf quality. This lovely dark green, dense growing tall fescue is resistant to disease, especially to brown patch. Quite simply a winner.

Titanium 2LS is setting the bar high for the next generation of tall fescue cultivars. Titanium 2LS exemplifies the perfect high quality turfgrass; it’s dark green, very dense and has excellent wear tolerance. Titanium 2LS is an excellent choice for sod farms and other applications where only the best variety will do. In addition, Titanium 2LS is very drought tolerant, keeping its great looking appearance late into the summer even under less-than-ideal conditions. Titanium 2LS is also able to grow successfully in soil that has low fertility. And with all MVS varieties that carry the Lateral Spread brand, Titanium 2LS has aggressive lateral spread ability.

ProSelect® Filius chewings fescue promises you a special turf performance. With its very high shoot density and fineness of leaf, Filius is ideal for golf greens and fairways. As one of the best partners for mixtures, Filius provides excellent growth from the start and hold good colour all year round.

ProSelect® Rubicus chewings fescue is for intensively managed and low maintenance areas alike. An excellent visual appearance even under stressed conditions, such as shade and summer drought. Perfect for any fine turf area, as well as sod mixtures where top-end seed cleanliness is required. Rubicus has a bunch-type growth habit, with very fine blade width and low upright growth. Forms a uniform turf, with dark dense colour and performs well in a wide range of well-drained soil types of pH range 5.5 to 8.0.

Whether it’s in shade or sun, as its name suggests, ProSelect® Ryder’s great for golf course as a blend component. It’s also the perfect choice on inclines, roadsides, recreation grounds and for reclamation. This fabulous low-maintenance turf has a good dark green color and is ideal if your soil’s pH is 4.5 – 8.0. It grows compactly and is featured in our drought, shade, and low maintenance programs.

This slender creeping red fescue is a great all-rounder. It’s the perfect choice if you want quality turf for a fairway or a rough, a roadside or a recreational area. Also great on an incline. It’s tolerant to shade, salt and to close mowing. Plus, it’s resistant to red thread. Featured in our programs for low maintenance, salt and shade tolerance.

If saltwater is your issue, ProSelect® SeaMist is the answer: it’s a game-changer. This revolutionary grass can germinate in up to 40% salinity, making it perfect on ground exposed to seawater or irrigated by effluent water. This slender creeping red fescue is vigorous after germination, making it great at establishing itself. An excellent dense turf, it was recently rated highest in trials by NTEP. It’s tolerant to shade and to wear and tear, and quick to green up in early spring. Good for turf sod production, and ideal wherever you want a fine turf.

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