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Optimal growth with the right Osmocote

March 9, 2022
2 mins

ICL’s pioneering controlled release fertilizer Osmocote® has been a game-changer in plant nutrition. The top-tier solutions Osmocote offers is trusted by growers everywhere. Our innovation journey has led us through five generations of Osmocote, each one integrating advanced technologies, new release patterns, and features tailored to the dynamic needs of modern horticulture. We are committed to providing an Osmocote product that fits your specific requirements, now and in the future.


A practical guide to find the fertilizer you need

Each plant growing experience is distinct. When caring for plants in nurseries, either in containers or pots, choosing the appropriate fertilizer is crucial for healthy plant growth. Consider these factors: The method you favor for applying fertilizer, the duration you need the fertilizer to last, and the specific sensitivities and nutritional requirements of your plants. And what are your goals? Do you aim for dense, compact plant growth, or are you seeking to achieve bright and vibrant flowers?

The chart below will help you to select the Osmocote controlled-release fertilizer that suits your cultivation best!

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