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Longevity is guaranteed with this 2nd-generation coated fertilizer. Ficote® Rootball 8-9M is packed with NPK, magnesium, and the full range of all essential trace elements. Specifically formulated for potting plants with openfield rootballs. You get outstanding results and value for money with this state-of-the-art nutrition solution.

Ficote Total 12-14M is an outstanding base feed for your ornamental crops, with longevity of 12 to 14 months.

Ficote Total 3-4M is a second-generation coated fertilizer designed for base-dressing application, with longevity of three to four months.

Ficote Total 5-6M is a 100% coated NPK fertilizer with a full trace-element package, with longevity of five to six months.

Ficote Total 8-9M can often be used with a water-soluble fertilizer; longevity is eight to nine months.

H2Gro penetrates beyond the surface to moisten the whole root zone, improving your water management in pots and containers and preventing irrigation peaks and waterlogging.

Micromax® Premium B+Cu+Fe+Mn+Mo+Zn is a fine granular fertilizer with trace elements, essential for optimal plant growth. It ensures your plants get all the trace elements they need, whether in growing media or in field applications. Packed with a balance of six nutrients, the unique formula delivers a long-lasting supply of trace elements to your crops. This dust-free product is very safe in use, preventing toxicity symptoms. It is also environmentally friendly, with very low leaching of nutrients. It’s easy to apply and distribute evenly, plus it’s especially great for container crops.

MicroMax WS Iron is a premium, fully water-soluble fertilizer comprising EDDHA-chelated iron plus X3, the biostimulant enhancing Fe-chelate absorption into plant leaves, maximizing uptake in your plants.

MicroMax WS TE is our leading, fully water-soluble trace element mix, containing all the major trace elements, with all the cationic ones present in a chelated format.

Controlled-release, fully coated iron sulphate fertilizer for your growing medium, to increase your plants’ iron intake both efficiently and with ease.

Osmocote Topdress is a coated fertilizer featuring our new E-max technology plus a high nitrogen, magnesium, and iron content for immediate greening.

Osmocote Topdress is a coated fertilizer featuring our new E-max technology plus a high nitrogen, magnesium, and iron content for immediate greening.

Cater to your plants’ every short-term nutrient need with Osmocote® 13-13-13 fertilizer. Promote all-round growth for a full range of situations!

Give your plants all the nutrients they need with Osmocote® 14-14-14 fertilizer. Perfect to promote all-round growth for a wide range of situations!

Osmocote® 5 12-14M gives your crops the nourishment they need for at least a year after your early spring or winter potting, thanks to the latest controlled-release technology.

Osmocote® 3-4M is a short-term fertilizer providing a controlled release of NPK nutrients at 14% each over 2 to 3 months.

Take complete control of your late spring potting with Osmocote® 5’s controlled-release technology. This 5th generation programmed release fertilizer technology provides your plants with sustained, safe, and efficient nutrition over a 5-6 month longevity period. Achieve the best possible plant color, health, and growth by optimizing the availability and uptake of trace elements with the OTEA-system.

Osmocote® 5 8-9M harnesses 5th-generation programmed-release fertilizer technology to help your plants achieve sustained, safe, and efficient nutrition over an 8–9-month longevity period.

Give your potassium-thirsty pot plants, bedding plants, and perennials all the support they need with Osmocote® 0-0-41. Use it for low phosphorus-demanding cultures.

Treat your container nursery stock, potted plants, bedding plants, and annuals to the perfect balance of nutrients with Osmocote® 6-13-25 fertilizer. Perfect for a broad range of applications!

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