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FertiVant Technology is based on the NutriVant adjuvant that can break through the leaf cuticle and enable high penetration rate of the foliar solution, with all its dissolved ingredients.

Hence, the advanced FertiVant Technology ensures efficient uptake of all valuable minerals and bio-stimulants, contained in Nutrivant formulas. This is how the FertiVant Technology dramatically increases the effectiveness of the foliar spray and improves yields, produce quality and growers’ revenues. Its high effectiveness enables reducing spray volumes, which means a marked cost saving for the grower.

Moreover, the FertiVant Technology provides a continuous release of the nutritive elements, that lasts for up to four weeks after the actual spraying event. We call this LLP, Long Lasting Performance. Needless to mention, FertiVant Technology is based on chloride-free compounds, and can, therefore, be applied to all kinds of crops.

Foliar feeds employing FertiVant Technology fit into all fertilization programs.