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ICL Growing Solutions, a leading fertilizer manufacturer, pioneers sustainable solutions for agriculture, ornamental horticulture, and turf. Through innovation and precision nutrition, we empower growth while preserving the environment. We strive to support our customers' goals and contribute to a greener and more prosperous future.
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Commitment to quality
At ICL Specialty Fertilizers, growth and sustainability drive us. We ensure quality throughout our fertilizers' lifecycle, from raw materials to finished products, with thorough quality control at every step. By prioritizing both innovation and environmental responsibility, we consistently deliver products that meet the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness.
Advanced product range
ICL's cutting-edge products blend advanced technology and research, delivering exceptional plant nutrition. Trusted by growers worldwide, our range is continuously tested and improved to cater to various plant species. Our offerings include controlled release, water-soluble, micronutrient, and foliar fertilizers, each uniquely formulated to maximize yield and plant health. By integrating the latest scientific discoveries and feedback from agricultural experts, we ensure our products not only meet but exceed industry standards and customer expectations.