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Since 1967, ICL Growing Solutions has been a pioneer in the field of ornamental horticulture, offering advanced fertilizing solutions. We specialize in cutting-edge plant nutrition products with premium brands like Osmocote®, Peters® Professional, and Universol®. ICL’s ornamental horticultural product portfolio is engineered to meet the specific needs of plants, optimizing both growth and profitability. Our team of experts provides customized fertilization plans, ensuring efficient nutrient use tailored to individual cultivation systems.
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Innovation and R&D
Focused on the specific needs of growers in ornamental horticulture, ICL continuously innovates its product range to include advanced technological solutions like controlled release and water-soluble fertilizers. These products are extensively tested and fine-tuned to ensure they meet the unique nutritional requirements of ornamental plants. Continuous investments in (independent) research and development, helps us setting the standard for ornamental plant nutrition worldwide.
ICL’s safety and quality guarantee
ICL upholds a commitment to quality and safety. From raw material selection to finished product, strict quality control measures are in place to ensure the highest safety standards. Our attention to detail allows ornamental plant growers to trust in our fertilizers for consistently safe and effective solutions.