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ICL Growing Solutions offers advanced turf solutions for growing and maintaining high-quality sports fields, golf courses, and lawns. Backed by continuous research and innovative technologies, our premium products provide sustainable solutions for healthy, green, and resilient turf. Whether you need a faster green, a stronger sports pitch, or a lush garden’s lawn; optimal results are ensured with the tailor-made turf nutrition programs supported by our dedicated technical experts.
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ICL’s commitment to turf quality
Our focus on optimal turf management is matched by our dedication to sustainability and quality. From sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products, each stage of our turf products’ lifecycle undergoes strict quality control. Our drive for innovation and quality ensures that your turf receives the highest standard of (nutritional) support, helping it thrive in any conditions.
State-of-the-art turf nutrition
ICL is at the forefront of turf nutrition technology, offering a cutting-edge range of products that combines extensive research with practical application. Trusted by turf managers worldwide, our products are thoroughly tested and continuously improved to meet the specific needs of your turf. The variety of products and solutions in our portfolio is completely designed to maximize turf health, resilience, and appearance sustainably.