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Agroblen Controlled Release Fertilisers are designed to deliver precision crop nutrition that can be matched to specific crops, stage of growth, climate and overall nutritional programme. Agroblen is a 100% coated product.

11-21-9+6MgO | 8-9M is a high P analysis that promotes root development and crop establishment, enriched with a high level of Mg, it boosts photosynthesis of new young plants for improved and healthier growth.

14-12-9+0.1B | 8-9M has a high NP analysis enriched with B to bring about fast-growing crops and well-established root systems and is ideal for planting hole applications.

18-5-10+2MgO | 2-3M features an analysis designed specifically for new plantations in soft fruit crops, it enables fast growth and establishment and is ideal for row applications.

9-20-8+3MgO+0.1B | 8-9M has a high P analysis enriched with Mg and B for a strong root system and uniform growth – it’s designed especially for the plantation of new conifers and other crops in forestry and orchards and is ideal for planting hole applications.

14-20-5+2MgO+TE | 5-6M | 7.5 grams – Designed to deliver new plantations in spring a high NP analysis source of nutrition in a single application to develop a strong root system and well-balanced vegetative growth.

9-20-7+2MgO+TE | 8-9M | 10 grams. A steady supply of precision nutrition for new plantations in spring or autumn that covers all your plants’ needs for the full crop cycle.

Featuring a new innovative combination of the resin coating technology plus the V-Factor organic growth enhancer for stronger root development, improved plant growth, better plant establishment and high survival rates.

Longevity tailored to short-medium cycles of crops including potatoes and other open field soil grown vegetables in sub-tropical and tropical areas.

Ideal longevity for medium-late cycles of crops such as potatoes and other open field soil grown vegetables in sub-tropical and tropical areas.

Ideal longevity for medium-late cycles of crops such as potatoes and other open field soil grown vegetables in Mediterranean areas.

Ideal longevity for short-medium cycles of crops such as potatoes, Brassicas and leafy vegetables.

Agrocote products are 100% coated products providing crops with a continuous release of nitrogen

Agroleaf® Liquid K+ is a liquid fertilizer with a high concentration of potassium. While it’s been developed for foliar application, you can apply it to the roots as well. Use Liquid K+ to prevent and correct deficiencies or imbalances in the assimilation of potassium. And best of all, you can do it at any point in your crops’ biological cycle. You can especially apply it during swelling and ripening to improve the appearance, quality, and weight of your fruit.

Agroleaf Liquid Calcium contains nitrogen and calcium to boost absorption and prevent deficiencies, thanks to three proven, uptake-enhancing aminos – glycine, glutamic acid and L-Arginine.

Agroleaf Liquid Total+ 7-7-7+0.1Mn+0.1Zn is a balanced NPK nutrient and plant biostimulant that gives your crops targeted stress relief just when they most need it.

Agroleaf Power Calcium prevents and corrects calcium deficiencies, including excess evaporation and is ideal for calcium-sensitive crops including lettuce, cabbage and fruits.

Agroleaf Power High K is a premium water-soluble foliar feed featuring our patented M-77 chelated trace element and growth enhancement package for optimum foliar nutrient uptake.

Agroleaf Power High N is a foliar feed promoting spring growth and stress correction to help in poor growing conditions; ideal when you need vegetative growth.

Agroleaf Power High P is a foliar feed for tuber initiation in potatoes and better root development in re-established vegetable transplants while enhancing blossoming and preventing fruit crop absorption.

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