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AccuPro 2000 is a broadcast or rotary spreader that spreads seeds and fertilisers with precision

The AccuPro One is a high quality multi-purpose rotary spreader with a 20kg capacity hopper that delivers an even and balanced spread pattern over small areas. The spreader has a side control selection and can be used for the precise application of granular fertilisers and grass seed.

Full approval for Acelepryn now covers control of Chafer grubs and Leatherjackets in sports pitches, golf greens, tees and fairways, golf roughs, racecourses and gallops, bowling greens, airfields, and professional application to commercial and residential lawns, subject to specific restrictions on the percentage of the area being treated.

Three leading Syngenta fungicides that work together to provide reliable results right through the season. Tailor the sequence to your timing for optimum clean turf performance.

Ascernity delivers powerful new SDHI chemistry together with another trusted active for turf, difenoconzole. Together they deliver reliable dual action preventative and curative control.

Celadon is a trusted selective herbicide formulation for the control of Daisy, Dandelion, Clover, Buttercup, Ribwort Plantain, Slender Speedwell and other broad-leaved weeds in managed amenity turf, including domestic lawns.

To ensure optimum and consistent coverage for your turf, look no further than the Classic Drop Spreader. Ideal for spreading either grass seed or uncoated fertilisers.

Colour Pro Indicator is an advanced spray pattern indicator to assist spraying and minimise spray drift. Colour Pro Indicator has been formulated to provide the optimum conditions for the most accurate application of liquid sprays to turf and bare ground.

Ecoplug Max is a plug treatment for tree stumps that releases glyphosate into the stumps to minimise root and stump sprouting.

Greenmaster Liquid CalMag contains both calcium and magnesium to fortify your turf’s health. A great year-round additive for your tank that produces an excellent turf colour immediately and delivers on quality for up to 4 weeks.

Professional turf managers know the secrets of making turf appear in fantastic condition in all weathers and conditions in preparation for important tournaments – often at extremely short notice. Greenmaster Liquid Effect Iron Fe, offers that boost, and has the added benefit of remaining active for a long time after the initial application. Effect Iron Fe can be used all year round and lasts up to six weeks between applications. Once applied, it avoids blackening from wheels or footprints which other inferior Iron-based fertilisers can cause, and also treats Iron chlorosis, avoiding unsightly yellowing of the leaves which can occur in poorer conditions.

Help your turf prepare for and recover from stressful conditions with Greenmaster Liquid High K. Its low nitrogen and phosphorus levels keep growth low but the high potassium boosts your turf’s health and resilience. It comes packed with full trace elements, which give your turf everything it needs to recover from the stress of the season. Lasts for up to 6 weeks.

The high nitrogen content of Greenmaster Liquid High N delivers strong results fast but also with a sustained liquid response. The nitrogen comes from a blend of sources for maximum plant uptake. The full trace element package also looks after your turf’s health and helps it recover from stress. And as a bonus, the added magnesium gives your turf a great colour.

Greenmaster Liquid NK is a balanced fertiliser ideal for use from spring through to autumn. Its phosphorus-free NK ratio keeps turf growth in check and strengthens the sward. Its full trace element package improves turf health too and helps it recover from the stress of the season before for up to 6 weeks.

Ideal for main growing periods – Greenmaster Liquid Spring & Summer has a complete NPK formula for feeding without excess growth for up to 6 weeks after application. Spring & Summer also tops up nutrients lost in grass cuttings, bringing out your turf’s colour and keeping it healthy. A full trace element package maintains overall turf health and helps overcome stress.

The chelated trace elements contained in Greenmaster Liquid STEP maximize nutrient delivery, while correcting any nutrient imbalances in your turf. It also prevents soil lockup. You can apply it all year round but the best time to use it is during active growth periods. The full trace element package also enhances your turf’s health and its ability to recover from stress.

Greenmaster Pro-Lite Autumn has an NPK analysis with high iron content to balance turf health, harden the sward and provide moss control.

Greenmaster Pro-Lite Autumn Mg is a low iron NPK analysis formulated with magnesium to enhance turf health and colour.

Greenmaster Pro-Lite Cold Start is proven to initiate early season growth. The readily available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium kick-start spring recovery growth.

Greenmaster Pro-Lite Double K CalMag is a low-nitrogen granular fertiliser for year round use. It has been formulated with calcium and magnesium to enhance turf health and colour.

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