History of Levington Advanced

The go to supplier for growing media for over 50 years

July 11, 2023
2 mins

Levington has been the ‘go to’ brand of growing media for the past 50 years,” says Stephen Squires ICL’s VP, Regional Business Lead for the UK, Ireland, Nordics, and AUS/NZL.  “Following continuous R&D and investment, this iconic growing media range remains synonymous with quality and consistency”.

“Levington growing media became part of the ICL portfolio in 2011.  A global player in the horticultural market, we remain committed to carrying on the development of this pioneering brand – the first research based peat substrate for UK growers.  We remain at the forefront of developments in peat-reduced mixes and ICL has also recently launched a high performance peat-free range, Levington Advance Sustain.”

“A substrate is only as good as its raw materials and the skill of the team producing it. Carrying on the Levington tradition, ICL has its own supply of high quality UK peat and sources of equivalent quality imported peats.  All stocks are carefully graded and blended at the company’s state-of-the-art production facilities in Scotland.”

The Levington brand continues to benefit from ICL’s position at the forefront of innovations in precision nutrition with its world leading Osmocote controlled release fertilisers and H2Gro wetting agent technology helping to optimise plant growth.

ICL recently launched a comprehensive range of improved and rebranded proprietary Levington Advance peat-based mixes, featuring an enhanced nutrient package along with a comprehensive new growing media solutions package – Levington Advance Solutions.  Optimising the design and production of quality customised professional mixes to suit customers’ individual requirements; the package is neatly themed as Grow, Nurture and Protect.

Among the latest innovations highlighted in 2016 is the premixing the bio fungicide Prestop in to the growing media leading to improved convenience and accuracy while helping to keep labour costs down.

The launch of the Levington Advance Sustain peat-free range offers growers high consistency and performance. This new peat-free range features professional grade products specifically tailored to propagation, pot and bedding or nursery stock, including a coarse nursery stock mix.

“Responding to end user demands, and developed and trialled over five years, this new peat free range keeps the Levington portfolio at the forefront of market developments,” says Stephen Squires.


Watch our timeline for Levington Advanced Solutions: