Improving tea with correct crop nutrition

Increasing the yield and quality of tea with ICL's Polysulphate fertilizer.

April 2, 2023

Around 30 million tonnes of tea are harvested each year to meet the demands of the global tea-drinking population. To produce this volume of tea, at the correct quality, tea growers must ensure their crops receive the right balance of nutrients.

ICL’s Polysulphate is a natural mineral fertilizer containing potassium, sulfur, calcium, and magnesium and is approved for use in organic farming systems around the world. This combination of nutrients combined with a prolonged nutrient release pattern makes Polysulphate fertilizer ideal for tea crops.

Delivering optimum tea nutrition

Extensive trials in India, and elsewhere, continue to show how ICL’s Polysulphate fertilizer delivers the optimum plant nutrition tea crops require. With four nutrients in a single application, this natural mineral fertilizer ensures the correct balance of nutrients is available for a prolonged period, meaning growers can be confident Polysulphate is a great choice for their tea crops.

ICL’s agronomy and research teams have demonstrated in trials that Polysulphate boosts tea crop quality and yield. Tea yield increases by 12% with Polysulphate application.

This is great news for tea growers and tea drinkers alike!