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Foliar Fertilizer for higher Fruit yields









Nutrivant Fruit is an environmentally friendly built-in adjuvant with an advanced and prolonged delivery system, that can break through the leaf cuticle. It enables good penetration by the foliar solution with all its dissolved ingredients. The advanced NutriVant technology ensures efficient uptake of all valuable nutrients and provides a yield and quality boost to your crops. Its Triple Action Formula makes it a top product among all available foliar products in the market.

FertiVant Technology is based on the NutriVant adjuvant that can break through the leaf cuticle and enable high penetration rate of the foliar solution, with all its dissolved ingredients.
The advanced FertiVant Technology ensures efficient uptake of all valuable minerals and bio-stimulants, contained in Nutrivant formulas. This is how the FertiVant Technology dramatically increases the effectiveness of the foliar spray and improves yields, produce quality and growers’ revenues. Its high effectiveness enables reducing spray volumes, which means a marked cost saving for the grower.


  • Speeds up permeability of the cuticle to active substances

  • Evenly spreads the drops of spray on the surface

  • Firmly attaches the active ingredients to the leaf surface and delays evaporation

  • Increases fruit bearing, size, shining, and quality

  • Reduces calcium deficiency

Recommended for Fruits, Vegetable, commercial Crops etc.

Dose Spray at the rate of 1-2% of during fruit development

2nd spray: 2-3 weeks after first spray

for best Results *Dose range between 1%and 2%

Minimum Avg1kg/acre
Maximum Avg2kg/acre

Dose your irrigation water with this solution, adjusting according to your crops’ conductivity or ratio requirements. Trial first on a small scale before changing the rate, or any other variables, as circumstances can differ and the application of our products is beyond our control, ICL cannot be held responsible for any adverse results

Spray in the early morning or late afternoon
Avoid spraying plants that are under stress
Use spray at medium volume and try to avoid run-off
It is generally compatible with pesticides and other water soluble fertilizers

To be used for Foliar applications

Foliar Fertilizers

Spray applications

The Nutrivant range has been designed as a preventive foliar product being part of a complete fertilizer plan

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