Spreader Settings for Polysulphate

Optimise your spreader settings for Polysulphate fertiliser application

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Why is it important to get spreader settings correct when applying Polysulphate?


Getting the spreader settings correct is crucial for achieving optimal results when applying Polysulphate as well as other fertilisers, and we’re here to guide you through the process.

Applying Polysulphate accurately ensures that your crops receive the right amount of nutrients for healthy growth and maximum yield. Incorrect spreader settings can lead to uneven distribution of the fertiliser, resulting in patchy growth and wasted resources. By dialing in the correct settings, you can ensure uniform coverage and effective utilisation of this valuable fertiliser.


Benefits of Polysulphate in terms of easy spreading:


Polysulphate fertiliser is renowned for its excellent spreading properties, making it easy to apply evenly across your fields. Its granular form and consistent particle size contribute to smooth flow through spreader mechanisms, minimising the risk of blockages and ensuring reliable distribution. This ease of spreading saves you time and effort while maximising the efficiency of your fertiliser application.

To assist you in achieving the perfect spreader settings for Polysulphate, we provide access to tables from leading manufacturers. These tables offer detailed guidance tailored to specific spreader models and fertiliser types, ensuring precise application and optimal results.


Spreader Settings Guides:



For S-fertiliser CPL Granular Polysulphate




Find spreader settings for Potash Polysulphatic (Cleveland Potash Ltd) under the Fertiliser Group K




Access spreader settings for Polysulphate from Cleveland Potash under the Fertiliser Group K




For spreader settings for ICL Fertilisers (Amfert) Polysulphate.



By utilising these resources, you can confidently adjust your spreader settings to achieve precise application of Polysulphate fertiliser, optimising nutrient uptake and crop performance.

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