Boulby Mine: Producing Polyhalite for Sustainable Agriculture

Boulby Mine's Remarkable Journey in Natural Fertiliser Production

October 6, 2023
2 mins

In a story that defies the odds, ICL’s Boulby Mine in East Cleveland, UK, has undergone a remarkable transformation from the brink of uncertainty to becoming a leader in sustainable agriculture. Just five years ago, the mine faced a challenging future as its potash reserves dwindled, putting hundreds of jobs at risk. However, the mine’s revival through Polysulphate, a new natural and organic fertilizer, has not only secured the workers’ employment but also placed it at the forefront of sustainable plant nutrition.

ICL UK is the world’s first and only producer of the multi-nutrient mineral polyhalite – marketed as Polysulphate. Polysulphate contains four vital essential plant nutrients: sulfur, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Farmers worldwide are embracing this innovative solution, recognising its potential to increase crop yields in an environmentally conscious way. Being a natural mineral, it is approved for organic farming and has a significantly lower carbon footprint than many other fertilisers.

The Boulby mine achieved a record second-quarter Polysulphate production of 267 thousand metric tons. This achievement follows record output statistics for the first quarter of this year and builds upon ICL’s impressive accomplishment in 2022, when Polysulphate output increased by 21%. The strong performance emphasizes the growing significance of Polysulphate fertiliser in meeting the demands of farmers in various countries.

As Boulby Mine continues to mine Polysulphate and set production records, its success stands as a compelling testament to the power of innovation and determination.