Bill Gates: Championing Fertilisers for a Food-Secure and Resilient Future

The potential for fertilizers to transform the lives of growers by boosting income and helping adapt to the impacts of climate change impresses Bill Gates.

September 25, 2023
2 mins

Bill Gates has never been shy about his passion for fertilisers, underscoring the critical role of fertilizess in addressing global food security and climate change. Back in 2015, the philanthropist and technology visionary gained a lot of publicity in the agricultural press for his comments about fertilisers.

I’m the world’s biggest fan of fertiliser, I’m endlessly fascinated by the stuff. It’s a magical material that can transform the lives of the poor by helping them grow bigger harvests and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Gates, who has long been an advocate for innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems, recognises the profound effect that fertilisers can have on agriculture. Fertilisers provide crops with the essential nutrients they need, boosting yields and ensuring communities have access to a stable food supply.

Fertilizers for Small Scale Farmers

The Microsoft co-founder is particularly enthusiastic about the potential for fertilisers to benefit small-scale farmers in developing countries. By enhancing crop productivity, fertilisers empower farmers to lift themselves out of poverty, improve nutrition for their families, and contribute to broader economic development.

Adapting to Climate Change

But Gates’ endorsement of fertilisers goes beyond addressing hunger. He also highlights their role in climate change adaptation. As the world faces the challenges of a changing climate, fertilisers can help crops become more resilient to adverse weather conditions. This means that even in the face of droughts, floods, and extreme temperatures, farmers can continue to grow the food we all depend on.

As the world seeks sustainable solutions to the intersecting challenges of food security and climate change, Bill Gates’ continued support for fertilisers serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of this “magical material” in building a more food-secure and resilient future for us all.

Gates’ words resonate with our own endeavours at ICL. Our dedicated teams of researchers, scientists, and agronomists provide innovative fertiliser solutions to farmers worldwide to nourish our growing global population and protect our planet.

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