Powerful new bioinsecticide for vine weevil – Lalguard M52

2 mins
Sam Rivers
ICL OH, Technical Manager for Controls

With black vine weevil becoming a growing issue on many nurseries here in Ireland, we are delighted to announce the launch of Lalguard M52 GR, our highly efficacious new Metarhizium-based bioinsecticide delivering quick control of the larvae in growing media.

“Easy to use, it is growing media incorporated and highly compatible with existing biological and chemical crop protection products,” explains Sam Rivers, ICL technical manager for controls. “Based on spores of the soil-borne insect pathogenic fungus Metarhizum brunneum strain Ma43, Lalguard M52 offers the advantage that it infects on contact – so does not need to be ingested.

Grubs killed within 3-7 days

“At 15-30°C, infected immature larvae can be killed within just 3-7 days. On the other hand, control of larger larvae may take longer if temperatures fall outside this range.  Meanwhile, vine weevil eggs, pupae and adult beetle stages show some susceptibility – adding to the overall effectiveness of control.”

Since the loss of Exemptor (thiacloprid), vine weevil pressure has risen and growers in Ireland are turning to robust IPM control programmes.

Monitor carefully

“Growers should monitor carefully for the pest, quarantine new plants coming on to the nursery and implement bespoke IPM programmes,” says Sam. “Carefully planned, these programmes should incorporate beneficial nematodes to target larvae. To optimise control of this potentially devastating pest, Lalguard M52 will play an additional valuable role incorporated into these programmes.

Part of planned IPM approach

“Against a backdrop of changing industry culture, new laws such as the SUD and environmental ethics, bioinsecticides – such as Lalguard M52 – offer practical benefits. While not a silver bullet, as part of a planned IPM approach this new bioinsecticide will play an important role helping combat vine weevil on nurseries in Ireland.”

Good supply

“Vine weevil pressure is definitely on the increase again, particularly in plants imported onto nurseries” says Brendan Howell, ICL sales development manager across Ireland.  “Having conducted Lalguard trials here in Ireland this year, many growers have started having it incorporated into their Levington Solutions growing media mixes.

“We have a good supply of Lalguard M52 in 10kg packs. It’s recommended for incorporation in growing media at a rate of 0.5kg/m3. While the insect pathogenic fungal spores are likely to persist in growing media for up to a year, treated growing media should be used within 14 days.”