Give your seeds a healthy start with ZipSeed technology

Sports grass seed mixtures treated with ZipSeed establish far more effectively, without compromising seed numbers.

January 7, 2021
2 mins
Simon Taylor
ICL, Product & Business Development Manager Grass Seeds

ZipSeed seed coating treatment ensures all plants grown from seed benefit from a vigorous start, benefiting from rapid root development to ensure survival against stresses including pests, disease, extreme weather and climate.

The seed coating treatment enhances seeding establishment by combining elements such as zinc and magnesium with humic and amino acids. These assist with the development of an extensive fibrous rooting system which enables seedlings to maximise water and nutrient uptake.

With a healthy start, plants develop robustly, requiring less management in the future.

  • Converts more seeds into mature, performing turfgrass
  • Seeds germinate quicker, creating denser tillering – even in stressed conditions
  • Increases root hair production, improving nutrient uptake for a denser sward and fewer weeds
  • Produces stronger seedlings able to resist pests and diseases