New fertiliser product regulations & the nutritional declarations of liquid fertilisers

The way ICL calculates the nutrient content of our liquid fertilisers is changing.

June 1, 2023
2 mins

Following the Implementation of 2019/1009 EU Fertilizing Products Regulation (FPR) the way ICL will calculate the nutrient content of our liquid fertilisers is changing. This is important because it affects the way you calculate the amount of nutrient being applied.

IMPORTANT: the products are not changing, just the way we show the nutrient content.


There are three possible methods for displaying the nutrient content of a liquid fertiliser….

  1. Weight/Weight (w/w) weight of nutrient per weight of liquid
  2. Weight/Volume (w/v) weight of nutrient per volume of liquid
  3. Volume/Volume (v/v) volume of nutrient per volume of liquid (not commonly used)

To conform to the FPR regulations ICL will change from a w/w method to a w/v method.

This makes the calculation of nutrient applied a lot simpler because the specific gravity is no longer needed.


Greenmaster Liquid High N 25-0-0 + 2MgO + TE (w/w)

…will change to…

Greenmaster Liquid High N 33-0-0 + 2.6MgO + TE (w/v)

(even though the product remains the same).

To calculate the nutrient applied you simply have to multiply the volume of product being applied by the % nutrient content.

So an application Greenmaster Liquid High N (33-0-0) at 100L/ha would deliver  100 x (33/100) = 33kg/ha N applied

The following table shows the changes in nutrient declaration that are coming into place for the Greenmaster Liquid range.