ProSelect Speed Germ is ideal for low-temperature renovations.

Speed Germ is a specialist ryegrass blend designed for use in renovations at lower temperatures.

May 3, 2023
2 mins
SImon Taylor
ICL, Product & Business Development Manager Grass Seeds

ProSelect Speed Germ contains 100% diploid perennial ryegrass varieties chosen for their quick establishment in sub-optimal conditions.

Why diploid perennial ryegrass?

We consider diploid ryegrasses to be the best choice for effective establishment. Whilst tetraploid or annual ryegrasses may seem at first glance, a great option, there are two characteristics that are not so favourable for the production of good quality sports surfaces.

Tetraploids are more susceptible to wear as well as containing up to 50% fewer seeds kilo for kilo compared with diploid turf perennial ryegrasses.

So, your grass seed bag may look full but the reality is you have to sow extra seed to achieve the same ground cover as a diploid blend.

Maybe not such good value after all!

Can turf grasses really establish in cold temperatures?

In breeders trials, Agreement and Greenplanet perennial ryegrass consistently germinated at low temperatures better than other leading varieties. While we know that there is no magic solution, having specialist varieties that are able to germinate at lower temperatures can really help generate pitch recovery above more highly rated non-specialist cultivars.

Vermillion also delivers excellent turf performance and disease tolerance, particularly Leaf spot, which is exactly what is needed when your pitch is under pressure.

Speed Germ helps you maintain grass cover as part of an ongoing over-seeding programme.

The seed is further enhanced with ZipSeed treatment of zinc and amino acids to provide an extra boost to seedlings in stressed conditions