Sportsmaster WSF SMX 20-0-0 trials and research

Sportsmaster WSF SMX 20-0-0 combines ammonium sulphate with our turf proven seaweed extract SMX to support the development of healthy fine turf.

2 mins

Since launch it’s growing in popularity as turf managers look for innovative and cost-effective solutions.

STRI trial

In a trial at STRI four applications of Sportsmaster WSF SMX 20-0-0 at 40kg/ha in 500L water provided 8kg N/ha per application (32kg in total). This significantly improved turf quality over the control for the whole summer period (*represents significant difference p<0.05).

Biotek trial

A trial carried out by Biotek in Spain showed that the turf quality of trial plots treated with SMX powder remained significantly higher than control plots during a period of drought stress/deficit irrigation.

Different extraction methods

Research has shown how different seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) extraction methods produce chemically different formulations. An alkaline extraction method (as used with SMX) produced significantly greater root length & root volume than other commonly used extractions.


“Sportsmaster WSF SMX 20-0-0 forms part of my nutritional programme for the greens and surrounds.

The combination of ammonium sulphate with an effective seaweed works well to give me healthy surfaces and help develop a strong root system.

I see it as a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.”

Stuart Hogg, Course Manager, West Lancashire Golf Club.