H2Pro TriSmart: Tried and tested

Tried And Tested

April 9, 2021
2 mins
Henry Bechelet
ICL Turf & Landscape Technical Manager

At ICL we have a set of technical values that we try to stick to. These are: to develop products that perform, to only make claims based on research and to be progressive and responsible with our advice. We believe that if we stick to these values we won’t go far wrong. 

We supply a lot of different types of product – fertilisers, biostimulants, grass seed, plant protection products and welling agents. And because we try to stick to our values, we are confident that if you try our products then you will be happy with the results. We prefer to let the products speak for themselves. 

But the turf market is highly competitive and so sometimes we don’t get a look in. This is why we form partnerships with committed dealers and produce supporting marketing information to keep you informed. We even put pen to paper sometimes. 

In turf management there are a number of areas where the very highest level of performance is essential. Turf nutrition, disease control or moisture management are all important areas that we need to get right and if we don’t there might be some serious consequences. These are the areas where it is important not to skimp or settle for technologies that are second best. This is why we put so much effort into or product development and try to stick to our values. 

H2Pro TriSmart is our premium wetting agent and it has been designed to perform in the important area of moisture management. It was years in the making, further years in testing and has been on the market for 5 years. Anyone who as used it will know that it is a product that performs. 

We need our wetting agents to perform a number of different functions, which is why TriSmart contains 6 separate surfactant ingredients (and no water). The ingredients are chosen to help water penetrate, spread and be retained in the upper soil profile. With TriSmart in place your soil moisture management becomes more controllable and less prone to drying out. 

The accompanying graphs and images come from a few of our trials carried out by external independent researchers. They show improved turf quality in the TriSmart treated plots (under very testing conditions) compared to plots treated with other formulations or untreated controls. They show an improved level of performance against the development of stress and dry patch compared to an industry standard. They show real benefits in the area of water conservation.  We can show that the TriSmart formulation performs to the very highest level in a number of important areas. 

But the only way to know how good TriSmart is to try it for yourself. When you do, you will see that it is a product the performs. TriSmart will show you that our values actually mean something.  

(image above) This trial carried out in the USA clearly showed that regular treatments with H2Pro TriSmart consistently retained good turf quality while other treatments all failed. 


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