Published research on the effects of alkaline-extracted seaweed products

The European Turfgrass Society Conference Proceedings have been published.

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The European Turfgrass Society Conference Proceedings have been published, and three collaborative research projects between ICL  and partners were selected for the publication.

One of the selected papers is ‘Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) extraction method produces chemically different formulations with contrasting effects on turfgrass rooting’, submitted by Dr Andy Owen, ICL International Technical Manager.

Benefits of Vitalnova SMX on turfgrass rooting

The research illustrates how various seaweed extraction methods have different effects on turfgrass rooting. An alkaline-extraction method produced significantly greater root length and root volume than other commonly used extractions. Andy: “We have always seen fantastic rooting following applications of SMX, which is an alkaline-extracted seaweed product, and this research shows that is the case. If a turf manager is selecting a seaweed product to support strong turf rooting, the selection of the right product will make a big difference.”

Andy concludes: “We are serious about research at ICL and to publish with the ETS is a great outcome for these projects. The research projects have some really exciting data to share with the industry and we look forward to publishing that to help inform and support best practice for turf managers.”

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