Classic Drop Spreader

Cost-effective drop spreader

To ensure optimum and consistent coverage for your turf, look no further than the Classic Drop Spreader. Ideal for spreading either grass seed or uncoated fertilisers.

  • Fully assembled

  • Accurate and equal distribution

Dial the adjustment mechanism to 6. You can find this along the vertical metal handlebar shaft. Lay the spreader upside down, with the handle on the ground. Hold it with both hands, with the tires facing up.
Using your foot, press the black plastic handlebar trigger to open the gate. The trigger should be parallel to the handlebars when fully depressed. The shutoff bar’s leading edge should be aligned with the calibration line engraved into the bottom of the hopper (the spreader’s plastic storage bin).
Using a wrench, turn the black calibration screw at the lower edge of the ‘control wire’ to adjust the alignment. The ‘control wire’ is the cable running from the handlebar trigger to the gate at the bottom of the hopper. Adjust the screw until you have aligned the shutoff bar’s leading edge with the calibration line.
Do not use with coated fertilisers.

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