Pro Iron

Provides quick green-up without growth, especially useful in autumn & winter







The iron and magnesium in Greenmaster Pro-Lite Pro Iron deliver turf colour without growth perfect for cooler conditions or to provide impact for your surface, with effects lasting up to 6 weeks.

  • For all round use especially in autumn and winter

  • Provides quick green-up with minimal growth

  • Pro-Lite technology extends iron release and turf response

  • Pack size 25kg

  • Formulation type Micro granule

  • Technology Conventional

  • Granule size 0.5mm–1.5mm

  • Granule dispersal 3–4 days *depending on environmental factors

  • Longevity 6 weeks *depending on environmental factors

  • Typical turf response < 7 days *depending on environmental factors

Recommended rate
30-35 g/m2
Recommended rate

Can be applied all year-round.
Contains iron. Do not apply in case of risk of contact with concrete, marble, stone, fabric, swimming pools, etc. If spilt on these areas, brush off immediately as the product can cause discolouration.

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