Controlled release fertiliser for trees and shrubs

Landscaper Pro Tablets are a controlled release fertiliser that feeds the plant for up to two years, from just one application. The resin coating around each prill controls the daily nutrient release. Almost all the NPK is slowly made available for uptake by the plant and not lost into drains, pond or ditches. The tablets are designed for used around pot grown and the field grown trees, newly planted stock and other soil grown crops.

  • Feeds plants for two years from one application

  • Predictable and reliable nutrient release

  • Ideal for use around trees and shrubs

  • Formulation type Moulded tablet

  • Pack size 7kg

  • Longevity Up to 2 years

ShrubsHeight (cm)No of 15g Tablets Required Per Plant
110-201 per plant
2-320-402 per plant
540-603 per plant
1060-804 per plant
1580-1005 per plant
25100+5 per plant
TreesTree Height (cm)No of 15g Tablets Required Per Plant
Transplant30-1202 per plant
Whip120-2503 per plant
Feathered180-3004 per plant
Light Standard250-2754 per plant
Standard250-2755 per plant
Select Standard275-3007 per plant
Heavy Standard360-4258 per plant
Ext. Heavy Standard425-50010 per plant
Semi-mature16-18cm girth11 per plant
Semi-mature18-20cm girth12 per plant
Semi-mature20-22cm girth14 per plant
Semi-mature22-24cm girth15 per plant
Semi-mature24-26cm girth16 per plant
Tree Height (cm)
No of 15g Tablets Required Per Plant

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