Nemasys J

Biological control of Leatherjackets in amenity turf.

Leatherjackets (causal organism: Tipula spp.) are the larvae of crane flies, also known as daddy-longlegs. Crane flies cause no damage to plants since the adults do not feed, however the young start feeding immediately. This causes the appearance of yellow patches and the ability to pull the turf up because there is little or no root growth. Nemasys J is made up of the beneficial nematode: Steinernema feltiae, which able to neutralise the larvae.

  • Safe for turf and wildlife

  • Kills larvae within 10 - 14 days

  • One tray treats 500 m²

  • Stops larvae feeding within three days of infection

  • Type Biological insecticide

  • Pack Size Tray of 250 million nematodes

  • Pack Coverage 500m2

  • Contains Beneficial nematode: Steinernema feltiae

Nemasys J targets young Leatherjacket larvae feeding close to the soil surface when the temperature is above 10oC.

Nemasys J should be applied and watered into the turf about a week after the adult crane fly have been seen.

This is usually from August to September, this is the best time to apply nematodes as the soil is usually around 12oC.

Application rate1 tray per 500m2
Water volume50L water per 500m2
Maximum number of treatments1 per year

Pre-mix the tray in a bucket of cold water
Add to a conventional spray tank or knapsack sprayer
Check sprayers have no filters below 50 mesh (0.3mm) and remove if necessary. For knapsack sprayers, minimum filter is 18 mesh (1.0 mm)
Start and continue sprayer agitation throughout the application
Apply immediately. Do not allow the spray solution to remain in the tank longer than one hour after mixing
After application, the soil needs to be kept moist by irrigation or natural rainfall
The soil temperature must be between 10 degrees and 30 degrees at application and for at least two weeks afterwards

Use the entire pack contents at one time, do not split or subdivide individual packs as each contains a measured dose of nematodes.
Once received, the transport box should be opened and refrigerated at between 2oC and 5oC for up to a maximum of 4 weeks.
Do not freeze as forming ice crystals will rupture the nematodes. Do not to use the product if past the expiry date or if it as been incorrectly stored.