XC Nozzles

Sprayer nozzles designed for accurate application and drift reduction

The Syngenta XC Turf Nozzles have been specifically designed for use on golf courses and in amenity turf settings. They provide even spray distribution, improved leaf coverage and they greatly reduce drift to achieve more effective spray treatments.

Foliar XC 025Foliar XC 04Soil XC 08
Orifice designXC 110°XC 127°XC 127°
Backward inclination6.5°4.5°9.0°
Operating speed3–4 km/hr6–8 km/hr6–8 km/hr
Optimum nozzle height0.5m0.5m0.5m
Operating pressure2-4 bar2-4 bar2-4 bar
Optimum pressure2.5 bar2.5 bar2.5 bar
Typical spray volumes220 - 400L/ha500-600L/ha

  • Even spray distribution even on undulating ground

  • Air induction technology reduces drift

  • More available spray days

  • Designed for low rate applications

  • Pack size 13 Nozzles

  • Types Foliar XC 025, Foliar XC 04, Soil XC 08

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