A fine balance of NPK fertilizer with the added strength of Calcium









Fertiflow 12-6-22+12CaO is a NPK Fertilizer with added calcium, which is essential for crops in their early stages. Calcium is one of the secondary macronutrients and it promotes proper elongation of plant cells and also strengthens the cell wall structure. Though required in smaller quantities, Calcium is crucial for growth of the plants and makes them less susceptible to weather, diseases and pests.

Fertigation Fertilizers

Fertigation is a technique by which soluble fertilizers are mixed with the irrigation water to enhance crop production. It is a highly effective and flexible tool for controlling placement, timing and nutrient application method. This enables precise nutrition to be applied according to the soil fertility status and growth stage of any crop. ICL Specialty Fertilizers sets the standard in fertigation fertilizer technology. The focus of this technology is on the acidifying effect that produces a range of benefits for the crops.

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  • Useful in early establishment, development and prematurity growth stages 

  • Maintainins the crop growth and vigour of the crop 

  • Reduces any calcium deficiency, helps improve growth & yield 

  • Suitable mostly for alkaline soils due to low pH (3.7)

  • Adds resistance against all types of weather fluctuations, pests and diseases

Minimum Average15kg/acre
Maximum Average25kg/acre

It is advised to adjust the application rates beyond the suggested limit as per the crop’s status and nutrient requirement. It is recommended to undertake a trial on a small scale before changing the application rate or any other variables, as circumstances can differ. As the recommended application rate might be beyond our control, hence, ICL cannot be held responsible for any adverse results.

Apply especially to fertigated crops
Store under dry conditions. Properly seal partly used or damaged bags

Water Soluble

Fertigation Fertilizers

Fertigation Fertilizers with proven mixtures of micro & macro nutrients providing direct nutritive value to the crops

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