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If optimal fertigated crop nutrition requires an optimal fertigation solution, look no further than Fertiflow 13-40-13 fertilizer. This water-soluble fertilizer is formulated in a way that your crops can enjoy healthy levels of nitrogen in the soil for a longer period by reducing any potential risk of leaching. Thanks to the high phosphorus content, the crops get adequate nutrition from this NPK fertilizer. Combined with an ideal ratio of iron, zinc, and manganese as trace elements, this carefully balanced formula will see to every nutritional requirement of your plants for an all-round, healthy growth.

PeKacid technology

It combines the advantages and efficiency of phosphoric acid with the ease and safety of a solid crystalline fertilizer. The use of PeKacid (an “acid-in-the-bag” product) replaces the conventional application of technical acids for agricultural use, resulting in an easier, safer and more effective fertilization process. Due to its acidic nature, PeKacid has an anti-clogging effect on irrigation systems and also enhances nutrients’ uptake. ICL uses the PeKacid technology in many of their water-soluble formulations.

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Fertigation Fertilizers

Fertigation is a technique by which soluble fertilizers are mixed with the irrigation water to enhance crop production. It is a highly effective and flexible tool for controlling placement, timing and nutrient application method. This enables precise nutrition to be applied according to the soil fertility status and growth stage of any crop. ICL Specialty Fertilizers sets the standard in fertigation fertilizer technology. The focus of this technology is on the acidifying effect that produces a range of benefits for the crops.

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  • Made from top-quality raw materials

  • Includes a balanced content of chelated micronutrients

  • Keeps nitrogen fixed in the soil for longer periods, improving its uptake

  • Significantly reduced risk of nitrate leaching

  • Uniform maturity, Higher yield and Quality

  • Completely chloride-free

  • High P to ensure better root growth and plant resilience

Recommended concentration for 1000 liters of field stock solution: 100-150 kg per 1000 liters of water.

Minimum Average15kg/acre
Maximum Average25kg/acre

Dose your irrigation water with this solution, adjusting according to your crops’ conductivity or ratio requirements. Trial first on a small scale before changing the rate, application, or any other variables. As circumstances can differ and the application of our products is beyond our control, ICL cannot be held responsible for any adverse results.

Store under dry conditions. Properly seal partly used or damaged bags.

This product is recommended for fertigated crops.
For more recommendations and information, contact your nearest ICL distributor or your area’s local ICL advisor.

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Fertigation Fertilizers

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