A balanced NPK fertilizer for a wide variety of crops







A Fertigation Fertilizer with a balanced NPK analysis that is ideal for soil-based, open field fertilizer applications. This fertilizer doesn't precipitate and has no adverse effect on plants or the soil and leaves no residues or harmful elements behind. In addition to a uniform application rate across the irrigated areas, the nutrients can be applied exactly at the rate needed by the plant in its actual growth stage, preventing deficiencies even at periods of high nutrients uptake. It thus improves crop productivity and product quality.

Fertigation Fertilizers

Fertigation is a technique by which soluble fertilizers are mixed with the irrigation water to enhance crop production. It is a highly effective and flexible tool for controlling placement, timing and nutrient application method. This enables precise nutrition to be applied according to the soil fertility status and growth stage of any crop. ICL Specialty Fertilizers sets the standard in fertigation fertilizer technology. The focus of this technology is on the acidifying effect that produces a range of benefits for the crops.

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  • Better Root Health and subsequent development

  • Keeps the emmiters clean

  • Better Soil Health

  • Safe for crops and the environment

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Minimum Range10kg/acre15kg/acre
Maximum Range20kg/acre25kg/acre

Dose your irrigation water with this solution, adjusting according to your crops’ conductivity or ratio requirements. Trial first on a small scale before changing the rate, or any other variables, as circumstances can differ and the application of our products is beyond our control, ICL cannot be held responsible for any adverse results

Apply especially to fertigated crops
Store under dry conditions. Properly seal partly used or damaged bags

FertiFlow 19-19-19 is especially recommended for fertigated crops.
Store under dry conditions. Properly seal partly used or damaged bags.

Water Soluble

Fertigation Fertilizers

Fertigation Fertilizers with proven mixtures of micro & macro nutrients providing direct nutritive value to the crops

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