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Agriform Strawberry Mix Universal Mix 18-8-13 (7-9M) is a yield and quality boosting controlled-release fertilizer specially formulated to meet the needs of California strawberry growers.

Agrolution pHLow High K Plus Ca fertigation and pH management solution provides an elevated potassium-to-nitrogen ratio, a base level of all micronutrients, plus an extra boost of calcium. The water-soluble fertilizer can be used to improve fruit quality or to supplement crop needs on demand while also keeping irrigation systems clean.

Quick-dissolving fertigation product that boosts fruit set, fruit quality and stalk strength with an elevated ratio of potassium plus calcium and magnesium

Agroblen Total 12-22-12 High P is a controlled-release fertilizer with high phosphorous ratio for the ultimate in precision crop nutrition

A high-phosphorous, water-soluble fertigation solution includes zinc to boost root growth and establish new crops, with acidifying effect for effective pH management.

Agrolution pHLow High K 15-11-31 Plus Mg is a water-soluble fertilizer that provides increased potassium and an extra boost of magnesium for improved fruit quality.

A versatile fertilizer that sets the standard in fertigation. Solves low pH water and low alkaline soil challenges with one convenient product.

A water-soluble fertilizer with one-to-one ratio of nitrogen and potassium and 61.5% of nitrogen present as nitrates.

A high PK fertigation solution with micronutrients, especially designed for early season application. Solve nutrient and water quality challenges with just one product.

Water-soluble fertilizer with increased availability of phosphorous and potassium as well as micronutrients that addresses high pH in water and soil

A water-soluble fertigation solution with a high dose of phosphorous plus micronutrients. Delivers nutrients plus manages pH. Ideal as a transition feed for fruits and vegetables

Specially formulated controlled release fertilizer for the production of high-value crops, Agrocote S 38-0-0 (3-4M) improves crop quality, maximizes yield, and optimizes fertilizer investment.

A resin-coated SOP (potassium sulfate) fertilizer that provides up to 2 months of precision nutrition.

Potassium sulfate fertilizer provides up to 4 months of nutrients.

Agroblen Total 17-9-13 (12-14M) offers balanced precision nutrition for up to 12-14 months. Coated with ICLs patented Resin Release Technology, Agroblen Total 17-9-13 supplies essential NPK with an added boost of 6% sulfur.

Agroblen Total 18-11-11 (3-4M) with micros offers dependable precision nutrition for up to 3-4 months. Coated with ICLs patented Resin Release Technology, it provides a balanced supply of essential NPK with an added boost of 6% sulfur and a full micronutrient package.

Agroblen Total High PK 8-21-21 (5-6M) with 9.7% sulfur is designed to boost establishment and fruiting. The high PK:N ratio supplies essential nutrients while providing flexibility for nitrogen sources. With every single granule coated with ICLs patented Resin Release Technology, it offers dependable precision nutrition for up to 6 months.

Agriform Strawberry Mix 23-7-12 is a full-season controlled-release fertilizer specially formulated to boost strawberry yield and quality.

Agriform® Strawberry Mix Southern CA Short Term 22-7-11 delivers 7 months of nutrients for greater crop yields and superior quality fruit. Designed as a 100% resin-coated NPK and E-Max urea, Southern California strawberry growers recognize this as the industry standard for consistency and reliability. Designed for use on fall/winter planted strawberries from San Diego to Santa Maria, CA. One-third of the nitrogen comes from 100% coated urea. The coated urea increases the total nitrogen and is best suited for southern growing areas with warmer soil temperatures.

High-performing NPK fertilizer designed for a 12-month controlled release on strawberries grown in Northern California

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