Impacting Our World and Reshaping the Future

We actively develop and deliver innovative solutions that enhance crop productivity while prioritizing sustainability

June 29, 2023
2 mins

There is a growing need for more, high-quality food to meet the needs of the expanding population, in increasingly challenging environmental and economic conditions. ICL is proud to be part of the global agriculture ecosystem, developing the solutions needed to reshape sustainable farming practices.

Innovative advancements in precision farming techniques and cutting-edge agtech solutions are reshaping the global agricultural landscape, contributing to a more sustainable future for our planet.

Our Agricultural Innovations

ICL actively contributes to creating groundbreaking agricultural technologies with the potential to transform the global farming landscape. Our innovations have proven invaluable amidst the ongoing food crisis, addressing challenges posed by climate change, extreme weather conditions, and population growth.

Our R&D teams work tirelessly to develop and deliver innovative solutions that enhance crop productivity while also prioritizing sustainability.

Innovative Responses

The world is grappling with a pervasive food crisis, worsened by climate change, extreme weather events, population growth, disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and global conflicts. In this context, our technology presents innovative responses, reshaping agricultural practices and illuminating a path forward. Such innovations offer hope and promise during these challenging times, revolutionizing agriculture and offering solutions to secure essential food supplies.

Revolutionizing Agriculture and Impacting Our World

ICL is a leading specialty minerals company and one of the world’s largest fertilizer manufacturers. Our groundbreaking eqo.x* release technology equips controlled-release fertilizers with a biodegradable coating that maximizes nutrient use efficiency and minimizes environmental nutrient losses while increasing crop yields. Additionally, ICL’s ICLeaf, a revolutionary diagnostic tool recently launched in India, offers precise nutrient analysis and real-time feedback to farmers, optimizing nutrient management and maximizing yields.

Through collaboration and groundbreaking advancements, we strive to create a more sustainable and efficient future for food production, ensuring food security while preserving precious natural resources.

The Digital Revolution in Agriculture

ICL, through our subsidiary Agmatix, has developed a powerful digital technology suite that empowers farmers with real-time data and insights. The suite, including ICLeaf and Digital Crop Advisor, translates extensive agricultural data into actionable insights, supporting scientists, agronomists, and farmers in decision-making processes. By optimizing nutrient management, addressing deficiencies, and boosting crop yields, this digital revolution enhances efficiency and profitability in agriculture.

Our Global Standing in Agriculture

As we navigate these challenging food and commodity crises, we are proud of our contribution to the technological agricultural revolution, redefining norms and setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability. With an entrepreneurial spirit and technological expertise, we strive to find high-tech and innovative solutions to transform agriculture and positively impact our world. It’s exciting to be at the forefront, revolutionizing agriculture and making a positive impact on our world.

*eqo.x is not yet for sale in North America. Ask your local expert for more information.