Organic Certification for ICL’s Polysulphate Fertilizer

Substantially more of the world's organic farmers can use our natural Polysulphate fertilizer in their production of fruits, vegetables, and other crops

November 18, 2021
2 mins

The news that our natural multi-nutrient Polysulphate fertilizer has been approved by another major organic certification body is a big boost for the product and a welcome help to farmers in many regions producing quality fruits, vegetables, and other crops organically.


The Accolade of Organic Accreditation

The certification organization, the Control Union Certifications, which is recognized by both the EU and USDA, has announced that both standard and granular grades of Polysulphate are now accredited for use as fertilizers in organic farming systems.


Taking Over the Organic Farming World

The fertilizer, which is effectively now approved to use in organic farming systems in 10 major farming regions of the world, is mined at ICL’s mine in the UK. Polysulphate is a natural, multi-nutrient mineral fertilizer containing sulfur, potassium, magnesium, and calcium in a single product. It is simply mined as polyhalite, crushed, and screened with no additional chemical or industrial processes. The natural process by which Polysulphate is produced is part of the reason why it has the lowest carbon footprint when compared to alternative fertilizers. This helps growers achieve carbon targets demanded by retailers and some food processors.

Loaded onto trains, trucks or seagoing vessels, each shipment of Polysulphate is destined for an increasing number of farms – both organic and conventional – in the UK, Mainland Europe, China, South Asia, India, Africa, and North and South America.


Polysulphate’s organic credentials enhanced with Control Union Certification.

Polysulphate’s organic credentials enhanced with Control Union Certification.